We Have Reached the Other Side!

Looks like my original FullMetalBlunt Tumblr has finally exported. Took almost two days but it is done. I’d like to thank the academy and coffee for giving me the strength to complete this task. From here on out it’s a whole new world people. Let’s see what happens on the 17th.

‘Solarpunk’, the Latest Trend in Speculative Fiction — Dark Matters

READ AT SCIFIPORTAL.EU. The first publication that explicitly identified as solarpunk was the Brazilian book, SOLARPUNK: HISTÓRIAS ECOLÓGICAS E FANTÁSTICAS EM UM MUNDO SUSTENTÁVEL (SOLARPUNK: ECOLOGICAL AND FANTASTIC STORIES IN A SUSTAINABLE WORLD) via ‘Solarpunk’, the Latest Trend in Speculative Fiction — Dark Matters


So I’m doing the process of transferring a lot of my stuff from @fullmetalblunt tumblr to here @domesticwintersoldier  so if you want to still follow me, jump ship before it’s too late.

tomhiddleslove: Just look how proud he is to have won that candy. 😊❤ Source: fluturojdallandyshia

ch-llmonger: “Will we ever get a Falcon movie?!” – A tired bystander inquires.

meribotti: thefingerfuckingfemalefury: naniyou: naniyou: forthegothicheroine: sylvysparrow: cindehella: lord-kitschener: arealliveghost: stillvisions: maybenotboring: and at no point has anyone thought “maybe we should not build a giant flammable goat this year” They tried fireproofing. And armed guards. And fences, and cameras… Sadly the wikipedia page has been cut down by super srs folks to remove all the…

goldenshuri: Tony, arriving safely back on earth after not even mentioning Peter in his message: pepper i- Aunt May:

My autobiography  Source: BURGERTV

deegadraws: water can flow – or it can crash Beautiful my chilrens

marveladdicts: endgame [noun] /ˈɛn(d)ɡeɪm/ the final stage of a game such as chess or bridge, when few pieces or cards remain. Source: marveladdicts

rottenbrainstuff: sunken-standard: theemptyquarto: missdaviswrites: merindab: cerulean-beekeeper: nialla42: cerulean-beekeeper: nialla42: fandomskeins: someplanetelse: dancingwerewolf: cerulean-beekeeper: QUICK!  Post all your adult content while you can!  I’ll start: Taxes, mortgage, 401k, bills health insurance, life insurance, a diverse portfolio of investments having to make your own doctors apointments, “Rentenversicherungsbescheid”, owning a landline…. Bringing your entire financial paperwork life to the…

coldwarriors: pellaeons: “tumblr is catholic now” tumblr became protestant don’t play

beetle-jude: msmar-vell: thank u, jeff YES Source: msmar-vell

buckys-got-back: I don’t give Sam Wilson enough love on this blog so I just wanna let everyone know that that sunflower boy holds a very special place in my heart

winterfalccn: The pan is already hot when he throws the bacon in. Using his left arm, not planning to lose his right to hot oil, he adds a chunk of butter and (a minute later) two eggs. Quickly, before it becomes solid, he sprinkles salt, pepper and parsley onto the omelet. When Sam walks into…

ivanillacrusher: Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes deserve their own movie reblog if you agree

sambuckyforever: Sam, to Bucky: Are you a top or a bottom? Steve: He is obviously a bottom, why are you even asking? Tony: Well, he kinda looks like a top. Steve: It’s ‘cause, you’re such a bottom Tony that even the bottoms can top you. You don’t count. Tony: Hey! Sam: So… Bucky? Bucky: I…

ymirphile: hanging out the passengers side of his best friend’s ride trying to holla at me This made my day

neighbourhoodgay: Sam and Bucky’s relationship is one of those ‘Only I get to trash talk about him’ kind of relationships. Sam calls Bucky a greasy haired douche bag every morning and Bucky once forced Sam to sit through a half hour slideshow of ‘why the Winter Soldier is better than the Falcon’. But once a reporter said…